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    Thanks to Victor Goff and Jim Pryke who maintain this site on Rackspace.

    These courses have been a grand success, thanks to the tireless efforts of these:

    • Mentors - Active - Michael Kohl, Satoshi Asakawa and Victor Goff.
    • Mentors - Currently Inactive - Brad Coish, Chris Porter, Dave Lilley, Doug Sparling, Eric Fer, Jeff Savin, George Thompson, Gorana Rubinic, Jeff Hales, José Carlos Monteiro, Krzysztof Wicher, Massimiliano Giroldi, Marcos Ricardo, Mareike Hybsier, Michael Uplawski, Michele Garoche, Paul Harris, Peter Crawford, Rimpy Jangra, Shawn Evans, Takaaki Kato and Willian Molinari.

    Guys/Gals, you rock!

    Note: The Ruby Logo is Copyright (c) 2006, Yukihiro Matsumoto. I have made extensive references to information, related to Ruby, available in the public domain (wikis and the blogs, articles of various "Ruby Gurus") and much of the material in the course here is drawn primarily from the Programming Ruby book, available from The Pragmatic Bookshelf. My acknowledgment and thanks to all of them.

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